Witek Golik


Witek Golik works with textiles for interior design products, focussing on bringing sensorial and emotional elements into everyday life. Witek Golik was founded by designers Sisse Witek and Martyna Golik with the believe that senses play an important role in making intriguing and meaningful design. In their work, the two designers pay special attention to the sensual quality of textile products and use them as a means to telling stories and creating experiences.

In line with the core values of the business, we created a visual identity with a high focus on textures, tactility and quirky details with the hand-drawn logo as main component. The logo comes in different versions, making it more playful and multifunctional, for different materials and media. The graphic identity runs across a variety of printed assets, including stationary, business cards, product tags, and environmental design for exhibitions.

Client Witek Golik
Visual identity
Year 2016
Signe Ohrt & Louise Jacobsen (Studio oh ja ︎)

Photography cred. Witek Golik, Krisitne Funch and Emilia Theres, Nomess