Loui at the Audo

Visual identity for restaurant Loui. Loui is located at The Audo in the most beautiful red house in Nordhavnen, just between the buzz of the city and the roar of the sea. The restaurant is a melting pot of culinary traditions and techniques from the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea with a focus on fish, vegetables and freshness — always serving high quality and innovative food.

Loui is the sassy younger brother of the restaurant ‘Lola’ in Christianshavn. The identity needed to be fun, bold and personal which is reflected in the handwritten logo and headlines in the menu and Matisse inspired cut-out illustrations combined with a vibrant colour palette by resembling warm afternoons in cities coastal cities.

Client Restaurant Loui
Category Visual identity
Year 2020
Concept & design
Signe Ohrt & Louise Jacobsen (Studio oh ja ︎)

Photograph Louise Jacobsen