Visual identity created for klein︎ by Søren Rose Studio & BIG.

Klein specialises in tiny houses designed by the world’s leading architects and sustainability experts to create thoughtfully designed and self-powered houses with small footprints. The mission is to give people in the city the possibility of combining an urban lifestyle with owning a sustainable house designed with the utmost care for life quality and built with the highest standard of craftsmanship.

‘Klein’ is the Dutch and German word for ‘small,’ used as a reference to the tiny houses that the company is offering. In line with this, we created an exclusively lower case based logo, using an elegant and classic, yet quirky, serif typeface. The calligraphic features and distinctive serifs lend personality to the logo, and the low stroke contrast makes the logo well-suited to be placed on top of pictures.

To go with the logo, we created a simple graphic element built by strokes, recalling a simplified ruler, which emphasises the brand and its core values of fine craftsmanship, simple living, the attention to details, and the importance of every milimeter. The pattern can be used on printed matter as well as digital elements, and on business cards it actually provides a function as it can be used as a measuring tool.

For the stationery, we used natural colours and print details with textures that evoke natural elements such as sand, wood, and vegetation. The combination of different tactile elements and elegant print details gives the identity a level of sophistication as well as a hand-crafted appeal. The website has a minimalist design, mostly consisting of photos to emphasise the feeling of getting out in nature and to let Klein’s great work speak for itself.  

Client klein
Visual identity
Year 2016
Concept & design
Signe Ohrt & Louise Jacobsen (Studio oh ja ︎)