Kid O Catalogue

Kid O manufactures and distributes quality toys that promote creativity and discovery. Their designs engage young minds, revealing kids’ innate brilliance and setting their imagination free.

While interning at Studio Lin, I was involved in concept development and first stages of a rebrand of Kid O (incl. packaging, printed matter and new website). We worked on the concept, design, and layout of the product catalogue by setting up interviews and home visits with kids to get a peek into their environments and thoughts on life, relationship, and toys. Based on the simple geometric shapes of the Kid O toys, I developed activity illustrations which go on the front and back covers, inviting kids to interact with it.

The website is a proposal that unfortunately never got realised.

Client Kid O
Agency Studio LinServices Illustations, Layout, Concept, Editorial, Packaging, Webdesign
Year 2013
My role Assistent designer
Studio Lin, Kid O, Louise Jacobsen