A cafe, culinary concept, and job academy, entrée offers event catering while helping refugees and migrants with getting into the food industry in Denmark. The business teaches refugees and migrants cooking techniques, which they practice in real industrial kitchens to boost their work experience and optimally prepare them for the food industry.

For the visual identity, we created a simple set of minimalist graphic icons embracing the ‘oriental roots’ that reflect the business, but also as inspired by the very distinctive ‘Hermes-Hallen’ sports building where the cafe is located. The graphic icons can be combined in many different ways, creating various patterns, or used as separate elements. Together with a playful colour palette, the graphic elements work as entrée’s iconic graphic resources and are used throughout the entirety of the brand’s visual identity. 

Client Entrée
Category Visual identity
Year 2017 / 2018
Concept & design
Signe Ohrt & Louise Jacobsen (Studio oh ja ︎)