B L A D  #6

Embracing winter with wide open arms, eyes and senses, issue #6 caters to an attentive mind. We take a break from the fast-paced life to stop and smell the flowers. Not to mention: touch them, look thoroughly at them, listen closer to them and savour them. We put all of our senses to work to get to know our favourite plants better as we dream ourselves away to tropical terrariums and go through a real trove of nature, dried and pressed. In Blad #6 you will also gain more knowledge on soil, fascinatingly beneficial to both you and your plants, and find recipes on how to make Nordic schnapps and turn the summer’s dried flowers and herbs into scented sachets. The issue includes a photo series of Norwegian moss as well as a green playlist to get us through the winter.

170 x 240 mm, 80 pages
Danish & English

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Client BLAD (Personal)
Creative Direction, Magazine design, Layout, Editorial
Services Magazine design
Art Direction, layout & design
Liv Laursen & Louise Jacobsen